During the 2014 World Relays women's 4 x 1500-meter final, Australia was in hot pursuit of Kenya at the handoff. The batons were passed, Australia's Zoe Buckman slowed to a walk, and that's when this brilliant moment was immortalized.

Everything about this is perfect. The way Katie Mackey of the U.S. is completely focused behind as she sprints full speed ahead. That moment when the two women are connected face-to-lower-back. The soccer-like writhing of Buckman. And Miley Cyrus seals the deal.

Kenya didn't hit anybody. They ran gamely on ahead, oblivious to the two-country pileup behind, cruising to the win in a world record 16 minutes, 33.58 seconds. The U.S. would rally through a concussed second leg for runner-up in an area record 16:55.33. Australia wobbled in for third.

Watch it from another angle here: