Look, I'm going to play this one straight: I know absolutely nothing about this video. It was tweeted at us from an unknown Twitter account, has almost no description, and was posted by a seemingly normal YouTube account that has been around for five years. I cannot find any other trace of it on the internet. But who cares about setting the scene? This video is too good to worry about "details."

This is some youth hockey game and a guy (likely an angry hockey dad) takes it so seriously that he breaks the goddamn glass with his hand! Is this guy Hulk? Is he Jimmy Kimmel and I'm not seeing the angle here? Is it stunt glass?


And who is the woman that drops the perfectly timed "Way to go, Paul" in just the right sarcastic tone? Is she Paul's wife? A parent of some other kid on the team who's used to his shit? A woman that lives at the arena and uses "Paul" for all dumb hockey dads? Now I wish I knew more.

h/t @acskrink