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We Are All Dave McKenna LXXXIX

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Here's your daily link to Dave McKenna's brilliant "Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder," which we'll be posting until Daniel Snyder's dumbass libel suit is dumped in the drink so fanatics can't build a shrine to it.


Willie Parker went on the radio in Pittsburgh this morning and teed off on the Redskins. More important for our purposes, he ripped Dan Snyder. Parker did a short stint in Washington last year, and it was all he needed to form a negative opinion about the team and its owner. Several folks in the media are already batting this around like the tasty bit of Snydering that it is. So we might as well add to the chorus:

The players, the coaches, we take care of each other. The coaches take care of the players. The chemistry we have in Pittsburgh is just amazing. Being in Washington, oh man, they just don't care about football. I didn't feel good from day one there.

It was just crazy, just seeing how their fans come. They have about 3,000 fans, [and players would] be geeked up, like we've got so many fans out here today. When you're in Pittsburgh, there's so many fans, you ask yourself, are they working today? Are they taking off their jobs? I mean, every single day you have fans supporting you in practice and training camp.

[In Washington] they weren't about football; they were about partying and stuff like that. When you've got one person trying to come in and be straight about football, I mean, it's never gonna work. You appreciate Pittsburgh a little bit more after going somewhere else and seeing what another team has to offer...

You know, that's a big difference, that's a major difference. You have an owner that just tosses money everywhere, and you have an owner that have a blueprint. They're gonna do it their way: they bring players in, they get a few free agents each and every year, and those free agents are gonna help them some way or another. They don't have to bring in no major big names or whatever that are gonna mess up their blueprint.

They definitely know what they're doing. When you compare and contrast, the Rooneys definitely know what they're doing when it comes to football.


Parker is just stating the obvious because, you know, sometimes the obvious needs stating.

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