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We Are More Depressing Than Baseball Prospectus

Casual / non-mathematical fans like to talk about how the guys at Baseball Prospectus are grumpy Guses, always spoiling their fandom with their "facts," "figures" and "logical, reasoned analysis." But the folks at Get Untracked have compared BP's season previews to Deadspin's baseball season previews and discovered that we're the sullen folks around here. One of their many examples:

BP - "Both the Athletics and Angels appear to be better teams headed into the season, but not by much. If the players the Mariners believe in to defy the odds all reward the team's faith in their potential, they'll easily contend all season long."
Deadspin - "Rooting for the Mariners is futile, draining, and infuriating. It's not easy to document in a blog post; a baseball team this willfully and historically bad needs to be documented and exposed in a book like Fiasco. Thomas Ricks wouldn't even have to change the title."


Even though we, as always resist the term "snarky" (we prefer "cheeky"), we think it only makes sense. It is the essence of being a fan to despair; it is easier to anguish over sports, which doesn't matter, than it is to anguish about real-world issues, which is really depressing. Complain away, sports fans of America! You are, after all, paying for all this.

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