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We Are No Longer To Speak Of Carltown

Excuse my inner-Lukas, but that right there, my friends, is one ugly-ass looking hockey jersey. It looks like Christmas banged "old" and that's what popped out. But hey, that didn't stop someone from bidding $65+ on eBay for it. And you know what? I almost did, too! Someone had to help a fallen brother out.

Check out this poor guy's description:

Things used to be so good in Carltown, when I lived by myself and had my jerseys hanging wall to wall. Then I got a girlfriend. We moved in together. Things were not so good in Carltown anymore. We got a new place together called Cathyville. The jerseys are not allowed on the walls anymore. The jerseys are not allowed in the closets anymore. We are no longer to speak of Carltown.


Doug Christie feels this guy's pain.

Minnesota Wild Jersey XL NEW NEVER WORN NHL [eBay]

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