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We Are Shocked, Shocked To Find Steroid Use In Women's Track

Apparently there were still humans on the planet who legitimately believed Marion Jones hadn't taken anabolic steroids, but for the rest of us, Jones' "confession" was a confirmation of what any reasonable person had known for quite some time.

In fact, we find it telling that the Jones fessing-up is making headlines not for her steroid use, but for her acknowledgment of the fact. It takes a federal indictment to an athlete to admit using performance enhancers these days — and often not even that. The news that, after years of increasingly embarrassing denials, she finally copped to it is the only "news" attached to this story. If you were idolizing Jones — or any track star — this "disappointment" is probably what you deserved, regardless. For the rest of us, we'll just go with "indifferent exhaustion."


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(UPDATE: Here's how this might affect Barry Bonds, by the way.)

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