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We Can't Imagine The Minnesota Candidates In 20 Years

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We don't know much about politics over here, but one thing we do know: We want our Secretarys of State to have banged some Green Bay Packers.

Sandy Sullivan, a 65-year-old Republican, is running for Wisconsin Secretary of State, and a large part of her platform is having once been penetrated by Paul Hornung, along with other Packers. If you don't think that's a potential advantage, well, you haven't spent much time in Wisconsin.

To quote from her 2004 self-published tome, "Green Bay Love Stories and Other Affairs:" "The football players of the 1950s and '60s were every bit as 'HOT' as the men of the present day, if not more so ... Remember, the '60s was the 'dawning of the Age of Aquarius' and some women ... were thrilled to experience this brave, new freedom, and celebrate our sexuality ... and the football players loved it!"


Our favorite tidbit: Hornung actually wrote the foreword to the book, saying Sullivan was a "carefree, fun-loving girl who fit right in with me and the rest of the Pack." Yeah, we bet.

We have no idea how Mark Chumura didn't make it to his turn. Oh, yeah: Too old.

Candidate Touts Sex With Packers In Campaign [CNN]

(There was no excuse for us not getting to this yesterday. We apologize.)

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