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We Congratulate "Florida Quarterback" On His Heisman Trophy

One of the nice things about college athletes is that you don't have to pay them. Heck, it might be the best thing about college athletes. Seriously, look at them: They can put their bodies and lives on the line every week, and we don't have to give 'em nothin'. Amazing, right? And if they do really well, they might win the Heisman Trophy, and we can make even more money off them ... without even using their name!

Yes, this is a special commemorative T-shirt that honors "Florida Quarterback"'s winning of the Heisman Trophy this year. Not Tim Tebow, mind you, but "Florida Quarterback."


We congratulate "Florida Quarterback" on his "Heisman Trophy" and hope he can continue to earn the University of Florida millions of dollars while being unable to cash in on his own "Florida Quarterback" status.

Reebok Men's Heisman Trophy Tee [East Bay]

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