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We Americans get so cute sometimes with our little disagreements in the stands at NBA games, and our occasional guy who runs onto the field to take the football from Brett Favre. Meanwhile, in England, they're doing things like this:

Manchester United and Liverpool have issued a joint statement condemning the fans who attacked the ambulance taking Alan Smith to hospital at the weekend.


You read that correctly. When Smith, a Man United midfielder, broke his leg during a match with Liverpool last week, opposing fans attacked the ambulance which was taking him to the hospital. Not even Steelers fans would stoop that low, we reckon. Reports in several newspapers on Thursday claimed the ambulance was surrounded by people who "threw stones and bottles" at it, and even tried to rock it from side to side. Said a Liverpool soccer spokesman: "You never know when you are going to need the paramedics yourself or for a member of your family, so how would they feel if mindless idiots came out and tried to shake an ambulance and throw missiles."

Indeed. That would take all the fun out of a heart attack.

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