He played in 68 of them this past season. Even started one. Plus 11 more playoff appearances.

So, yeah, indeed, a lot.

Next week, we pick the whole damn slate

Time to up the ante. Not literally, even though this is the gamblingish part of the program, but figuratively. Having been picking four games, it’s noted that the inline subhed in this space last week was “Pick six! Err, four!” Message received. It’s time to pick six college football games, although, just as before, this is for entertainment purposes only, as there is nothing informing these picks but feelings.


No. 18 Wisconsin -6.5 vs. Notre Dame (at Chicago)

No. 2 Georgia -35 at Vanderbilt

Army -7.5 vs. Miami-Ohio

Louisville -1.5 at Florida State

No. 9 Clemson -10 at N.C. State

No. 20 Michigan State -5 vs. Nebraska

All favorites this week! Let’s see how that goes. Good teams win. Great teams cover.


Last week: 2-2

Season: 6-2