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We Have Another Minnesota Twins Back-Hair Jersey

It's hard to say if it's the same guy who sported the Joe Mauer hir-suit a few years back, but we have a few clues. Our first clue is: a dude with enough hair to legibly shave words and numbers into his back hair. Our second clue is: similar male pattern baldness on both men. Our third clue is: a willingness to legibly shave words and numbers into his back hair and walk around in public.


The 2014 edition is American League All-Star Brian Dozier and was seen in Colorado on Friday night, which seems strange, but please recall the Mauer hair jersey was spotted in Milwaukee. It could be two different, but equally dedicated, hair-in-all-the-wrong-places dudes, or it could be one, traveling superfan. We're hoping for the latter. There's something nice about living in a world where one guy sporadically tours the country with a rotating wardrobe of Twins back-hair jerseys.

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