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We Have Captain Beefheart Reaching The Sweet 16

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If you're like us, your NCAA pool bracket already resembles an acre of burning tires, and it's only Thursday. So why not head over to a version of March Madness you actually have a chance to win? At Band Madness, there's a 512-team field (the bracket is pretty impressive, actually; although we wonder what Jim Cooke would have done with it), and they're still playing the first round; Radiohead just won a laugher over Staind.

A whole bunch of matchups were decided on the last day of voting, but none was closer than Tool's victory over Lou Reed by only 16 votes in a matchup where 2558 total votes were cast. Jethro Tull came from behind to beat Muse by only 21 votes, blink-182 held off Supertramp by 36 votes, and a constantly-changing matchup between My Chemical Romance and Ween ended with My Chemical Romance pulling away by 90.

Damn Supertramp never could play defense. As far as upcoming games go, we are intrigued by this afternoon's tussle between Built to Spill and the Scissor Sisters. Hmm, we wonder who Majerus picked?

Bracket A Wrapup [Band Madness]

(For the record, we are APPALLED that The Beta Band is losing to Phil Collins.)


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