We Have Exceeded The Recommended Dose Of NBA Excitement

When you’re not on the Phoenix Suns.
When you’re not on the Phoenix Suns.
Photo: Nuccio DiNuzzo (AP Photo)

Sometimes there are Deadcasts where Drew and I spend twenty minutes saying, like, “soup is canceled” back and forth to each other. It’s just going to happen sometimes, because even though we enjoy talking about sports and all that, there are also just many more weeks in a year than there are good sports to talk about. Sometimes it’s just going to be about soup, and we’re all adults here and might as well admit it. Let’s not be children about this, please.


But also sometimes there are Deadcasts like this one, which coincide with a period of furious activity and incident in a sport that all of us care about, and you wind up with a Deadcast that is...pretty much a sports podcast! Some of the credit for that goes to guest basketball-knower Tom Ley, who lives to grind tape and analyze NBA Action. Some of it goes to a polarizing but delightfully randomized NBA Draft Lottery, two fascinating Conference Finals match-ups that came at the end of thrilling seven-game Conference Semifinal series, one of which ended in a classic buzzer-beater that may or may not have defied science. In those circumstances, what you do on your podcast is actually talk about sports. That is what we did, happily and fairly heatedly. It wasn’t until late in the ’cast that I realized I hadn’t mentioned soup at all.

Luckily there were two segments left in which to make up ground, which we did thanks to Drew telling a thrilling story about buying a bike at T.J. Maxx and a rigorous spin through the Funbag. I won’t give away too much about the questions or answers beyond saying that I stake out a strong and mostly unprovoked pro-donuts stance, Tom Ley encourages a donut-enjoying reader to Get His Life Right, and Drew previews his authentically brilliant and harrowing brain blog by harshing the hell out of a question about open bar etiquette. Also I made up an Eastern European country. That’s a damn feast, even without the soup.

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David Roth is an editor at Deadspin.