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We Know Whose NFL Combine Hotel Room Was Covered In Piss And Shit

Well, that didn't take long.

I mean, the NFL combine happened way back in February, but we're a week away from the draft and—look at that!—word suddenly leaked that two players had trashed their Indianapolis hotel room, a scene Yahoo had pleasantly described as having "urine and feces scattered about the bathroom." Only no one wanted to name those players, for fear of jeopardizing their draft stock. But now they do! Couldn't see that coming!


Adam Schefter just tweeted that the pissy and shitty room belonged to Clemson's DeAndre Hopkins and Rutgers's Mark Harrison, both of whom are wide receivers, with Hopkins pegged as a potential first-rounder. As Yahoo reported, up to a dozen teams knew whose room it was, as did the players' agents. It was only a matter of time before someone performed an act of pre-draft subterfuge by letting the names slip to Schefter or Mort. Because this is how your NFL draft sausage gets made.


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