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According to Yahoo, a hotel room at the NFL combine that had been shared by two players was left trashed, with "urine and feces scattered about the bathroom, toothpaste on the mirror and garbage strewn about the room. Among the garbage was partially eaten food left on one of the beds." But who are the two players? No one seems to want to say.


Though the combine happened back in February, the incident was first reported at the bottom of a notes column published early Sunday morning at National Football Post by Dan Pompei. This was all he wrote about it:

NFL teams still were trying to find out about an incident in which a hotel room at the combine was trashed, apparently by two players who were staying there. One of the players is a potential first round draft pick, and the incident could affect both players’ stock. Front office men hoped to speak with one of the players about it at his pro day, but the player curiously made himself unavailable to talk.


Yahoo's Jason Cole took it from there and got Jeff Foster, the president of National Football Scouting and the dude who runs the combine, to confirm some additional details. The manager of the hotel, the Crowne Plaza in Indianapolis's Union Station, told Foster that nothing in the room was broken, though enough of a mess had been left behind to compel the manager to send Foster photos to document the pissy and shitty scene. I contacted the hotel but was told no one there would comment.

Foster went on to tell Cole "we're disappointed by both players who occupied the room," and that as many as a dozen NFL teams have contacted him to check on the matter. (Cole's sources also verified Pompei's info that one of the players was potentially a first-rounder.) The players have denied their involvement to any NFL reps who've asked them about it, and their agents also have been proactive in issuing denials when and where they can: Foster told Cole both agents reached out to him shortly after the players checked out of the hotel, and the two agents Cole was told were the players' reps said their clients had nothing to do with anything. To which Cole added:

There's a belief that such an embarrassing situation coming up so close to the draft could significantly impact their player's draft status.

“You’re messing with a guy’s life,” one agent said.

Of course, the players' own agents aren't going to confirm this, since they never would say anything to negatively affect their clients' earning power and reputation. But lots of teams already know who these players are. Lots of other agents likely do, too. Much of the draft speculation you see is nothing but agents and front-office personnel throwing shit against the wall to maximize their own interests. That Pompei just got wind of this story in recent days was likely not a coincidence, and there's still another week for these two names to suddenly leak to the media. Ahem.

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