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We Still Never Like Calling Him The Big Unit

With the apparent trade of Randy Johnson yesterday back to the Diamondbacks, it becomes clear that something terrifying and disconcerting is happening: The Yankees are continuing to make prudent, measured moves with an eye on the long term. We're through the looking glass, people.

The trade, which we think will require Johnson to grow back the mullet (he kind of has to; we demand it), is being mostly accepted by Yankees fans — with a few exceptions — probably because Johnson had the worst years of his career as a Yankee. (And also sired some, uh, fascinating specimens.) Diamondbacks fans are happy with the deal too, particularly when you compare it to the last trade with the Yankees for Johnson, proving the D-Backs came out ahead. It kind of looks like everyone's expecting Johnson to pitch until he's 50 anyway, so hey, why not?


But we're serious about the mullet. We are owed.

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