"We Want Colt! We Want Colt!": Your Guide To Ignoring The NFL Today

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In a recent Washington Post poll, 65 percent of respondents predicted that someone not named Robert Griffin III will be Washington's starting quarterback in 2015. What's awful about that is not the majority, but the probability that they're right.

The 25 percent who predicted the starting quarterback would be Colt McCoy are probably on drugs. You can't rule it out!

RG3's career has been, well, it's been many things, including awesome and terrifying and incredibly successful, but from far enough away it's mostly just been really fucking sad. During last Sunday's embarrassing home loss to the woeful Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington's horrible worst-in-sports fans chanted "We Want Colt!" Which is sort of amazing—there probably aren't five people in Colt McCoy's family who would chant "We Want Colt!" Colt McCoy is not something you want—he's the Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar in your Halloween bag, the pile of turnip greens you move around your plate on Thanksgiving. You've got to be pretty fucking bad if someone would rather have Colt McCoy than you.


And yet, here we are. And it's such a long way from where we started, with Washington fans chanting "RGIII" on Fan Appreciation Day in August 2012, when Griffin alone represented the hope that one day this pile-of-shit franchise would be at least a little bit less shameful and embarrassing. And he delivered in a way that will likely be forgotten forever: RG3's 2012 passer rating is the highest ever for a rookie quarterback who started more than half his team's games. His interception rate was the lowest in football, even while he led the league in yards per passing attempt. He was a monster. Not just a phenomenal athlete, but a brilliant NFL quarterback, by any credible measure.

Washington fans enthusiastically chanted Griffin's nickname during home games and even after a road victory in Dallas, with an increasingly serious awareness that the chanted nickname both rhymed with and had adopted the meaning of the familiar "MVP" heard at arenas of every sport.


That his career was wildly mismanaged by megalomaniacal animated beef jerky Mike Shanahan of course goes without saying, but that seems to matter less and less to Washington fans these days. DC area lunchtime radio show The Sports Fix asked fans this week which quarterback should be under center, and the caller who was taken least seriously was the one who suggested Griffin. The town has moved on. Suddenly, Griffin is a guy who has been coddled, who has a shitty attitude, who can't be an NFL quarterback. Not the quarterback with enormous potential who lit the world on fire in his first season on the job, not a guy who charmed fans and dragged his perennial laughingstock of an organization back into the light, not a guy who had his knee obliterated in his dogged pursuit of the goals of Washington's favored sports franchise. A bust whose career is dead.

They'll no doubt chant Colt McCoy's name again at their next home game, but he shouldn't get too comfortable. He's a bad scheme or a bad coach or a bad game or a bad injury away from falling out of favor, and they'll be hollering for the next victim in no time.


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Damn this cold! Damn it! I'd tell you to turn off the TV and head outside but I'm pretty sure you'd freeze to death. Watch movies! Cook something hearty! Ignore football!