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We Want To Know Why Your College Sucks

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Dear loyal Deadspin readers,

September's coming soon, which means a generation of entitled, debt-ridden suckers will head back to school. I suppose I will too. But we're kicking off a feature that might make nine-o'clock classes more palatable for those of you returning to academia: we call it Why Your College Sucks. We'll do things along the lines of Why Your Stadium Sucks, with reader emails and reporting and elitism and all of that. (Did you know the Deadspin readership is better educated than that of any other Gawker site? Of course you did, you all-knowing, effete bastards.)


The reader emails, that's where you come in, see. If you attend, or attended, one of the colleges we're profiling, and have something to say about the place, email us, subject "Why Your College Sucks: [School Name]." We're not looking for sports smack talk or hookup stories, though I imagine a successful "Why Your College Sucks" email might have either. Really, we want the true stories you would tell to a young person you respect.

Anyway, we begin with the US News and World Report Top 20 Universities, but we'll get to other schools before too long.

Here's (as though you alumni needed a reminder) that Top 20:

Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Penn, CalTech, MIT, Dartmouth, Duke, U. Chicago, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Washington U. in St. Louis, Brown, Cornell, Rice, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, and Emory.

Happy emailing—remember,, subject "Why Your College Sucks: [School Name]." Enjoy what's left of summer, bookworms.