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We Were All Waiting For Choir Girls To Harmonize About Derrick Rose's MVP Season To Make It Official

Derrick Rose has officially gotten the "Lexy and Stephany" treatment, and so now is as good a time as any to acknowledge the man who will very likely be named the NBA's 2010-2011 MVP. If there's any sign that you've "made it," this isn't it, but it is a nice gesture nonetheless. We're harboring a theory that Stephany and Lexy (Lexy and Stephany?) are the two long-lost cousins of Rebecca Black, but that seems a little too obvious. We can say that the sisters are musical pioneers in their own right; they've carved out a niche style in this song that is something like female-barbershop-duo music. With braces. Our tipster tells us that they've sung the national anthem at a few White Sox games, and their YouTube portfolio includes some riveting pieces, including "Eye of the Tiger" and "Dancing Queen." And this, a tribute to Derrick Rose. Crown the man already.


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