Derrick Rose has officially gotten the "Lexy and Stephany" treatment, and so now is as good a time as any to acknowledge the man who will very likely be named the NBA's 2010-2011 MVP. If there's any sign that you've "made it," this isn't it, but it is a nice gesture nonetheless. We're harboring a theory that Stephany and Lexy (Lexy and Stephany?) are the two long-lost cousins of Rebecca Black, but that seems a little too obvious. We can say that the sisters are musical pioneers in their own right; they've carved out a niche style in this song that is something like female-barbershop-duo music. With braces. Our tipster tells us that they've sung the national anthem at a few White Sox games, and their YouTube portfolio includes some riveting pieces, including "Eye of the Tiger" and "Dancing Queen." And this, a tribute to Derrick Rose. Crown the man already.


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