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We Were Probably Due For One Of These

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For reasons unbeknowst to us, straight male bloggers at Snobs Vs. Slobs have decided to rank the All Handsome Man 2006 Baseball Team. It is amazing the depths we will sink to in order to keep ourselves entertained on the last day of the All-Star Break. They do play tonight, yes? Please?

Anyway, we're not sure how seriously a list that includes Alex "Pink Lips" Rodriguez, Corey Patterson and Matt "Ginger Kid" Murton, particularly one that includes this paragraph.

[Derek Jeter] is the perfect storm of baseball hunk. There are thousands of Derek Jeter fan sites, written by Yankee fans from coast to coast. He's been on the cover of Esquire. He's big-city, East Coast glamour combined with the humble upbringing that can only come from his roots in Kalamazoo Michigan.


Yeah, we're sorry about this post. After the Danica Patrick thing this morning, it seemed the least we could do.

All Handsome Man 2006 Baseball Team [Snobs Vs. Slobs]

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