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We Will Always Remember Dick Ebersol For That Thing He Said In The ESPN Book About Hitler And Penises

Dick Ebersol is leaving NBC Sports, as you may know. Let's not think about the bad times, though. Let's think about the fun we had. Like yesterday, when we came across this quote in the excellent ESPN book that we're currently dry-humping up and down the site:


ESPN basically has to have one of their talent talk about Hitler or put a picture of their dick on a phone — which is what that Salisbury guy did — before they'll do anything about any of these various crazies, because they don't have to. Nobody can touch them.


He's not wrong, of course. I think it's altogether fitting that we learn Ebersol's true feelings about tWWL well after all those ESPN-NBC bidding wars for broadcast rights, when we actually wanted to know them. One last tape-delayed broadcast, I suppose.


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