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We'd Suggest Always Betting The Under

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We have a question. Why is Pete Rose scraping for a living here in the U.S. when he could just skip across the Atlantic and be a god? Soccer is where the real action is, friends. First, we have a report that most Premiership players are betting on games; or, as former Republic of Ireland striker Tony Cascarino puts it, "I reckon about 50 per cent of players like a flutter on other matches." This quote doesn't really surprise us, although it does tend to make us giggle. Cascarino says that, although he doesn't think players bet on their own matches, they do call each other and exchange information just before game time. "Here's how it works," Cascarino said. "The players will have the team meal; their manager will name his side and then they phone their mates at other clubs and feed them the news."

But that's nothing compared to Nigeria, where soccer referees were recently given an official OK to accept bribes. Referees can take all the money they can get, said acting Secretary-General of the Nigerian Football Association Fanny Amun. "Referees should only pretend to fall for the bait, but make sure the result doesn't favor those offering the bribe," Amun said. We're certain, by the way, that all of Major League Baseball's problems would evaporate overnight if only we had a commissioner named Fanny.

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