Week 17 Is A Great Week To Watch Quarterbacks Catch Touchdowns

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The early games on Week 17 Sunday are not that interesting. Everything with some drama was flexed to 4 p.m., so fans are left watching a bunch of blowouts and meaningless games.

But! Not all is lost. Coaches are having a bit of fun today. Two quarterbacks caught touchdown passes on the exact same play!

The first was Ryan Tannehill, playing what could be his last game as quarterback of the Miami Dolphins today. It was one of the uglier versions of the Philly Special, a play NFL teams have broken out multiple times this season after the Eagles used it to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl. Still, there are no style points in football and a touchdown is a touchdown.

The Dolphins added one extra wrinkle to the play; Tannehill took the snap and handed it to Kenyan Drake, who handed it to Kenny Stills, who threw the touchdown pass to Tannehill. Obviously, the best part of this was how Tannehill slid into the end zone. Hey, it worked!


About a half hour later, the Falcons drove deep into Buccaneers territory and ran the exact same play.

The Atlanta Special featured Ryan handing off to Calvin Ridley, who gave it to Mohamed Sanu, who threw it to Ryan for the score. This was a bit smoother than Miami’s version, and it was Ryan’s first-ever NFL catch.


Hopefully, the Giants will try this later today with Eli Manning and it will be a disaster. Stay tuned!