• Great job, guys! Have a (small) diet beverage!
• Lynn Swann, beer ponger.
• It's nice to have Free Darko around here, isn't it?
• We like us some Chris Carpenter.
• This is the only guy to ever take steroids in the NFL.
• And extremely difficult night to be a Tigers fan.
• Oh, so this is why people work for ESPN. Makes sense.
COLD! And WET! That's how we like 'em!
• Look, a naked Eagle!
• What's whiter than white?
• This is the wrong way to run a marathon. This is the right way.

All right. It's probably time to get this started. The Mighty MJD will be here all weekend, but if, uh, something historic were to happen, we might make a cameo appearance. But mainly we're just going to try to stay warm.

At about 7:30 p.m. ET tonight, we're gonna throw a game thread up there; we're breaking the comments up into 500 comment chunks, you maniacs, so the long load time problem that came up last night should no longer be an issue. So settle in, chug the wine, put your feet back and rock it, as they say. We'll be back sometime ... perhaps with some memorial paraphernalia, perhaps just with a hangover. Let's light this candle. Be safe out there ...