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Week In Deadspin: He Sees All

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Carl Monday, Freedom Fighter.
• George Bodenheimer is a fool for romance.
• Larry Hughes puts his clothes where his heart is.
How have we survived without Roger Clemens in our lives?
Your two-time NBA MVP.
• Carson Palmer, cornholer.
• We have World Cup fever, and we're not the least bit ashamed of it. Eat our goal!
• Scott Sauerbeck makes news the only way a setup reliever really can.
Thanks for noticing us, Barbaro!
• Aw, they're drugging MAC football coaches again.


That'll do it for us, folks. Enjoy your last soccer-free weekend for a while, drop by and say to The Mighty MJD and, most of all, remember whose eyes are on you, all the time. We'll see you Monday.

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