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Week In Deadspin: Idiot, Idiot Everywhere

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It's half-day Friday before the holidays, so we're wrapping up for the day. Honestly, you should leave too; traffic's gonna suck.

• Chad Johnson might wear a dead deer on his shoulder pads if he scores a touchdown tomorrow. Sweet heavens, somehow the world all makes sense now.
• Sometimes we're impressed Mike Tice can actually walk upright.
Christian Throwback Jerseys.
• We can't believe, for 24 awful hours, that we forgot about Ron Mexico.
• Red Sox fans handle Johnny Damon's exit with typical aplomb.
• Keep Tony Dungy in your thoughts.


The great Mighty MJD — who is justifably kicking our ass in those Sports Blog Awards — will be here tomorrow to get you through a rare NFL Christmas Eve, and then we're gonna take a couple of days off ourselves. We'll back Tuesday morning, December 27. Have a happy holidays over there; enjoy freebasing eggnog.

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