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Week In Deadspin: What The Fungus??!!

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• Jeez, lady, just hush already.
• It was very sunny in Philadelphia last Sunday.
• A tragedy in New York.
Soccer's Buckner.
• Maybe the Vikings will spend their off week on a band bus.
• Albert Pujols, enjoying the hometown product in a visually disturbing way.
• So this is why Brett Favre won't retire.
• Tony LaRussa is an impish sort.
• We're told Tiger Woods will be gone next week, in case you didn't enjoy his presence this week.
• All together now ... WHAT THE FUNGUS??!!


That'll do it for us. We hope by the time we come back on Monday, the damned NLCS isn't over. Enjoy a busy, busy sports weekend, and we'll see you Monday.

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