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· Clinton Portis shocks the crap out of everyone by appearing at Redskins weekly press conference as...himself.

· Reggie Bush goes pro. Plans to work on spazcake laterals before combines begin.

· Yes, Vince Young you can come to the NFL too. As long as you learn to fix that throwing motion, of course. Are you familiar with the West Coast Offense and becoming a pocket passer? If not, prepare to be scrutinized for it the rest of your career.


· Marcus Vick is a scary, scary man. You all said you'd soil yourselves if you saw him in McDonald's.


· Former Steeler's wide receiver Lynn Swann announces he's running for governor, Keith Olbermann subsequently lets Swann know as a politician, he'd make a great wide receiver.

And thanks so much for your patience. It's been a joy watching you people bark. I hope we can do it again sometime. But after the fifth phone call from Will(by 1 p.m., no less) it's apparent that from here on out, even if he's stranded on a remote island he'll cobble together some sort of Wifi connection from horseshoe crab shells and banana leaves. The boy loves his blog.