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Surprising no one on this planet โ€” though we hear some Klingons were just shocked โ€” Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush announced today that he will forgo his final season of eligibility and enter the NFL Draft.

He will likely be the first overall pick to the Houston Texans, which will pretty much assure his every step, for the rest of his life, will be compared to Texas quarterback Vince Young's. Interestingly enough, Young is a better runner than Bush ... but a worse thrower. (We kid. It's what we do here.)

Part of us, frankly, is disappointed that Bush is going pro, because it's a lot more fun to watch him run like crazy through bewildered college defenses than it will be seeing him get flattened by Ray Lewis behind an offensive line that has the mass and consistency of Country Crock spread. You know what would be funny, though? If the Texans draft Bush and then, just for fun, draft fellow Trojan back LenDale White in the second round. White would be so pissed.