Welcome Back, Luther Campbell

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Having 2 Live Crew lead dog and longtime Hurricanes booster Luther Campbell away from the U for so many years ... it just seems wrong, doesn't it? It's like Pete Rose being out of baseball, except Luther Campbell is much better for the planet.

Anyway, it looks like Miami is welcoming Luther back after years of exile.

apper Luther Campbell says he appreciates how Randy Shannon has welcomed him back to the UM family. 'Randy called the first recruiting day and said, `Luke, I want you to come down here.' And I said, 'You sure?' He said, 'Yeah.' Whatever I can do to help him out, I'm here for.'' Campbell runs an Optimist club in Liberty City, and some of those players could end up Canes. Shannon invited him to bring 8,000 kids to the Georgia Tech game.

Campbell, aware UM had tried to distance itself from him, said, ''I understand they were trying to clean up their image, but I wasn't part of the problem. All I ever did was tell Jerome Brown, Melvin Bratton, Darrell Fullington to go in the right direction.'' But Campbell won't ask for a sideline pass: ``It's too hot.''


True, Campbell once paid Hurricanes for big plays, but that was a long time ago. Besides, if Miami gets in trouble, there's one man who can stand bravely against them.


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