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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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After an offseason that saw less player movement that usual, a disastrous lockout narrowly averted (thanks to a players union with the collective strength of Shawn Bradly) and, oh yes, that whole dress code thing, the NBA returns tonight with four games before going huge tomorrow with 14 more. (Including that late-night, must-see Hawks at Warriors matchup.)

We're so excited about the NBA coming back that we feel anything we see will ultimately come back to make us feel embarrassed. So we're gonna just send you to our three personal favorite NBA blogs, all of which have outstanding coverage, not all of which, surprisingly enough, is about Yinka Dare.


TrueHoop: "Essentially every prognosticator on the planet is predicting that San Antonio will repeat as champions. That makes me think there's an excellent chance it won't happen. Nothing in the NBA is that predictable."
YAYSports!: "We're going to say something very real and heartfelt. As this new month and new season begins, we want to promise you something. From here on out, and we really mean this, we're not going to take everything so damn seriously. To a new beginning!"
Free Darko: "Let all who yearn for Yinka, whether on the internet or within your own soul, find solace here."

NBA Fever ... Catch It! (That's how that goes, right?)

Spurs Ring In New Season []

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