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Welcome, Jezebel: Turn To The Worship Of Her God Baal

The classy, bombastic lovely ladies seen here are the editors of the newest site from our benevolent benefactors at Gawker Media, Jezebel, which launched today. The basic premise of the site is mapped out in a manifesto about the five biggest lies that women's magazines spew. Personally, we've always believed that everything in women's magazines is gospel and sacrosanct, but we're open to opposing viewpoints, as long as they're not all written in capital letters. (And they don't appear to be.)


You can meet the editors right here, including managing editor Anna Holmes, who, her bio notes, "when not in front of the computer, she can be found watching baseball (National League)." Which means, we suspect, we're going to be out of a job in six months.

Welcome them to the happy, dancing world of the Internets, and commence all "yes, yes, yes" commentary ... now.

Meet The Editors [Jezebel]
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