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Welcome To Deadspin's "Comedy Week"

This week, Deadspin will celebrate the release of Sarah Silverman's book, "The Bedwetter," with an excerpt and a friendly chat with you weirdos. To commemorate this fine event, we've also brought in more funny people.


So throughout this week, expect some Very Special Guest posts from people who attempt to make a living being professional yucksters. Right now, we're still trying to figure out what day Miss Silverman will join us, but I'm guessing either Thursday or Friday. You'll get adequate notice once that's finalized so you can ask her questions and then wait patiently for a response, which may or may not contain filthy language and/or racial epithets.

And, yes, commenting has been disabled temporarily due to the 90 kajillion people flocking to Gizmodo to get a look at the new iPhone prototype. Apologies if this is making your afternoon less tolerable, but please be patient.

Later today, we'll have our first "Comedy Week" post, which will feature a conversation between two titans of podcasting and poop, Drew Magary and Adam Carolla.

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