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Welcome To Internet Land, Mr. Reilly

Well, everybody's favorite paid-more-than-a-middle-infielder columnist made his debut today, and it's a nice little column ... about Rick Reilly. As far as Look, ESPN Readers, I'm Here! columns go, it's a step above Jemele Hill's — whom we still like — and a few steps behind Simmons' epic "Is Roger Clemens the Antichrist?" piece from 2001. (Which was not technically his debut, but still kinda counts.) But Reilly brought out the big guns in the first piece, which will make the inevitable mailing-it-in Reilly Specials over the next few weeks a little more tolerable.


Reilly also chatted with the Leader readers, which we presume a typist handled.

Whether or not you think there's room for both Reilly and Simmons, the man is off to a great start. Of course, he's had five months to write the darned thing.

The Life Of Reilly [ESPN]

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