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Welcome To The Moe Howard 500

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Our next story comes from Texas, land of lizards and slapstick, where a NASCAR rivalry boiled over into, well, pretty much what you might expect. Following the Dickies 500 at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday, an "unidentified crewman for Scott Riggs' team" knocked over driver Kevin Harvick, his wife and a NASCAR official, in a comical chain reaction, on pit road.

"They were just talking a little smack, which is normal, and then one of them came up and gave Kevin a push in the back," public relations representative Jan McCormick said. "Kevin fell into DeLana and she fell into a NASCAR official and all three of them fell to the ground."


If this were posted on YouTube, with Three Stooges sound effects, we would probably never stop watching it. Our favorite part:

He said the men ran away but Mike Dillon, competitive director for Richard Childress Racing, which fields Harvick's car, went after them and took the man who pushed Harvick to the NASCAR hauler.

We don't know what a NASCAR hauler is, but we hope it's someone who leads you to a holding cell by the ear with pliers. That would be funny.

Bad Blood Sends Harvick, Wife Sprawling []


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