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Welcome To The NHL, Kid

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Jiri Tlusty is one of the top young prospects in the NHL, and he scored two goals a couple weeks ago despite only being 19 years old. So how is he welcomed to the big time? Some Canadian Perez Hilton knockoff site keeps calling him gay.

Apparently, the site — which calls itself "your No. 1 source for Canadian celebrity gossip," and christ, who hasn't been clamoring for that — has found a picture of Tlusty touching some dude's face with his tongue and decided he's gay. They even "interviewed" him about it.

Zack Taylor: What did you think about our post?

Jiri: It's funny... but I don't care!

Zack Taylor: Why are were there pictures sent to us of you and another man licking each other's tongues?

Jiri: Because was really good night after his birthday and we had really good time all our group from home town

Zack Taylor: Are you gay or bisexual?

Jiri: I am not gay or bi nothing


The site also has naked photos of the poor kid. That NHL, man, it's a tough racket.

Jiri Tlusty Speaks [Is This Happening?]

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