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Well, Anyway, It Should Be Better Than 'Big Brother'

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Just in time for summer, get ready for a reality show starring Michael Vick's pit bulls. Apparently a bunch of them are staying at a place called Dogtown in Utah, and the National Geographic Channel is swooping in to film the proceedings for TV. Hey, the National Geographic Channel; they're the ones who produce The Littlest Groom, right?

There are 22 of Vick's dogs that are now at Dogtown, an animal sanctuary of Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. The National Geographic Channel started a series, "Dogtown," about the sanctuary this month. One of the episodes that will air in the summer will focus on four of the toughest cases and the Dogtown staff's efforts to "resocialize these seriously aggressive pit bulls," according to a National Georgraphic Channel news release.


OK, but this had better not just be dogs running around gnawing on furniture. If this show is going to be successful, episodes should include:

• Plenty of Bobby Trendy makeovers

• Turn several of the dogs loose on that Little People, Big World farm

• Bitter rivalry with the wolverine sanctuary on the other side of the lake

• Naked Rick Majerus

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