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Well, Expect The Quality Of Hoops In Italy To Decrease Dramatically

Knicks fans, you're in luck! You've been waiting for someone to ship Stephon Marbury's ass to some other country for years now, and it looks like he's gonna go ahead and do it himself. You're gonna have to wait a couple of years, though.

Yeah, Starbury wants to be the David Beckham of Italy.

This will be my 12th season in the league. When my contract is up in two years, I want to go play overseas in Italy and retire over there. .. During the Olympics, David Stern told us about how big basketball was becoming around the world. He was right. Now I want to make it even bigger for the United States.
For my 14th pro season, I want to go when I can still go hard and give the people what they want. I'm looking at how David Beckham is getting love for coming here. He's 32. I'll be 32 at the end of my Knicks' contract. Imagine if someone told him not to follow his heart to play soccer in the U.S.


For the record, Marbury's shoes will cost three lira in Italy. We have one question: If Stephon wants to increase the popularity of basketball in Italy ... why is he going? The game was just starting to catch on! You're gonna ruin it, man!

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