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Well, Their Mascot IS A Pirate

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From the Marine League in the Los Angeles City Section comes this report: A San Pedro High School assistant football coach has been suspended for one year after being caught on video moving a field marker to help his team acquire a first down.

"That was a pretty blatant act," San Pedro High Principal Diana Gelb told the LA Daily Breeze on Tuesday. "It was important to send out a clear message that San Pedro is a place of academic excellence, sportsmanship and ethics." Of course, the school discovered the treachery in early November (a rival coach, studying the tape for an upcoming game with San Pedro, spotted it), but didn't act on it until the season was over. San Pedro was on its way to the playoffs, you see.

Bryan, who was expecting only a two-game suspension, was not available for comment. But for him the worst is over; for the players, the pain is just beginning. This is the kind of thing that sticks with a school for years. Oh yes, for decades. It's the kind of thing that is probably sending kids from San Pedro's rival schools to the drawing board right now, so they'll be ready for next year's season of taunting.

What will it be? An entire student section wearing Raphael Palmerio jerseys? The marching band forming Martha Stewart's ankle bracelet? The mind reels. Good luck with that, kids. We're anxious to see what you come up with.

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