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Well, They're Back To Square One With The Old Folks Home Flasher Case

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Former sprint champion Mark Walcott was cleared on Thursday of charges that he exposed himself five times at two old folks homes in Britain, but at what cost? During the trial it was revealed that Walcott was having affairs with two women at the same time, both of whom were hauled into court to provide him with alibis. Also entered into evidence is a late contender for Deadspin Quote of the Year.

Earlier prosecutor David Iles told the jury Walcott considered himself a “glorious physical specimen who is a treat and privilege for the fairer sex to behold.” Mr Iles added: “He thinks he is God’s gift.”

I think I'll use that as my bio if I ever write a book. Walcott, aged 34, cried and held his head in his hands as a jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court took just 90 minutes to return unanimous not guilty verdicts on all counts. Walcott had been arrested on the street outside of one of the homes, which had installed security cameras due to a man — who fit Walcott's desription — exposing himself to the elderly residents. Walcott claimed innocence, noting that there was a person in the neighborhood who was "a dead ringer" for him. But police thought it suspicious that Walcott was out at 3 a.m. So, handcuffs ensued.

His Polish lover Aga Michalska was brought in to vouch for his whereabouts on some of the nights it is claimed he was outside the homes, while another woman, Puja Dheiman, was called to explain how she was with him in a Birmingham nightclub on another occasion. His girlfriend of 11 years and mother of his baby Deborah Price gave evidence that she knew he was having affairs, but that he was not capable of flashing at elderly residents and staff at the homes.


And so the search continues for the real pervert, the man whom police have dubbed “The Darlo Flasher,” and is still on the loose. Could he now be in your town, exposing himself to your grandma? Former Athlete Cleared Of Flashing [Express And Star]

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