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Well, This Is An Interesting Development (MORE UPDATES)

The KentuckySportsRadio crew found what one of its readers claims to be a photo of protesters outside the federal courthouse where Karen Sypher appeared yesterday. The lad on the right is Sypher's son, Kaleb Wise.

According to the reader, the photo was on the Louisville Courier-Journal's web site yesterday but has since been pulled. Wise appears in the video attached to this story, hugging Karen Sypher, sans sign but holding a rose. We've e-mailed the Courier-Journal photographer for confirmation.


UPDATE: Spoke with Andrew Wolfson, the Courier-Journal reporter who covered the court appearance. He says he saw the sign but doesn't know if the kid is Sypher's son and apparently didn't think to ask. Huh?

UPDATE #2: It's him.

(courtesy of Wave 3NBC news video)

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