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Someone asked us the other day whether or not our job was stressful. We thought about it for a moment and told them that our job is only stressful when we're not doing it. Doing Deadspin is the most fun thing we do; the only time it stresses us out is when we're away from the computer and terrified that we're missing something. That might reveal something about ourselves that we'd rather not know.

That's a long way of saying that we're going on vacation, our first since February. Heck, it's holiday time, it's relatively low-fi sports-wise anyway, right? After tomorrow โ€” we are doing the site tomorrow โ€” we're gonna be away from you until January 4. We're gonna put the computer in storage and try not to think about HTML, lonely masturbating men and Barbaro. OK. We'll always be thinking about Barbaro.

Anyway, the site's not going away, of course. We've got a fine smattering of extremely talented people carrying that weight for the week. Here's the schedule:

Tuesday, December 26. Michael David Smith, from NFL Fanhouse and Football Outsiders.
Wednesday, December 27. The Mighty MJD, from everywhere, really.
Thursday, December 28. J.E. Skeets, from The Basketball Jones. Also: Canadian!
Friday, December 29. AJ Daulerio, whose name you might recognize.
Tuesday, January 2. AJ Daulerio.
Wednesday, January 3. AJ Daulerio.


So yeah. Hopefully you won't forget us so we can still have fun when we come back.