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We're Hitting The Road

One of the best parts of this job is that we can do it from anywhere. We don't have an office, and even though we spend most of the time on our couch, that's more out of choice than of necessity. We could be in Boise, Boston or Bangkok doing this site, and no one would know, and it would not matter.

Which is why, of course, we're writing about it now.

In about three hours, we will be on a plane to sunny (well, rainy, actually) Los Angeles, California, and we're gonna be on the road for a good month. We're heading from LA, to several stops in Ohio, to Chicago and then back home to New York. We're going to weddings, baseball games and, mostly, book tour stops. It kicks off this weekend with an amazing twofer: Kobe Bryant at the Staples Center on Friday, and Barry Bonds at Dodger Stadium on Saturday. (Sunday, we're gonna see Satan play checkers.)


And we're gonna do the site every day, so other than the occasional references to "jeez, the wireless in this library sucks" and "uh, doesn't anyone in this town eat meat?" you probably won't even notice. But our big road trip is beginning. If you around any of the cities, you're encouraged to come by and say hi. (As long as you buy a book.) No sleep til May, people; no sleep til May.

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