We're Searching For The Greatest Clip In College Gameday History

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Back when I was going to school in the early 1990s, watching College GameDay was one of the highlights of my week. It still remains a rare diamond in the ESPN shitpile, left relatively unchanged since the early days of Chris, Lee, and Kirk (adding Desmond Howard to the mix was bullshit). But the show was at its illustrious peak back in the '90s, and when I heard that Beano Cook had died, one segment sprang immediately to mind, a classic clip from 1992 or 1993 (if memory serves) that is apparently nowhere to be found on these here intertubezzzz.

Let me describe it for you, as I remember it: Host Chris Fowler is doing his finest Beano Cook impression while speaking with Notre Dame placekicker Kevin Pendergast, who is doing a perfect impression of Lou Holtz. Both Fowler and Pendergast have their mouths superimposed onto still shots of the men they're impersonating. "Iwo Jima" is mentioned. It's a masterpiece of comedy, and it's been lost to history.

I'm all but certain Pendergast was the Holtz impersonator. He would later become infamous for fixing Northwestern basketball games. The linked article offers proof of Pendergast's mimicry skills:

Holtz didn't even mind when Pendergast would commandeer the airplane p.a. system, and break into his dead-on impersonation of the Irish coach.


So consider this a call to the Deadspin I-Team: Find this precious, precious footage of Fowler making merry with a disgraced gambler and email it to us: tips@deadspin.com. This is perhaps your most difficult mission yet. Godspeed.