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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Look, we're still a little unclear on why the University of Florida's mascot statue, Albert the Alligator, was placed on the Ohio State campus recently (some kind of a Nike promotion or something). All we know is that it took more than five hours for students there to destroy it, which is simply unacceptable. That's way too slow, especially since it only took about five minutes for the same thing to happen to the Buckeyes in the BCS title game.


We're not saying that the Big Ten has lost its edge, but as we can see in the clip above, one of the first people to spot the Gator statue walks up to it tentatively, and gently tries to feed it. Come on! This is Division I football!

Go play intramurals, brother ... go play intramurals.

Day Of Reckoning [YouTube, via Awful Announcing]

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