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Illustration for article titled Wes Welker May Have Been Giving Away Money That Wasnt His At The Derby

So, about all that money Wes Welker was walking around with at the Kentucky Derby, some of which he passed out to adoring fans: Churchill Downs wants it back.

According to a statement released by the race track, Welker may have made off with $14,000 in winnings that didn't belong to him on the day of the Derby. This mistake is being attributed to a "tote malfunction," whatever the hell that means:

"An individual believed to be a member of Wes Welker's group on Kentucky Derby Day was the beneficiary of an overpayment north of $14,000 on a wager due to a tote malfunction," Churchill Downs spokesman Darren Rogers said in a statement. "In turn, a letter has been sent to that individual in an attempt to resolve the error."


Don't worry Wes, there's an easy way out of this situation. Just tell them you already spent it all.


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