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You know, like the one you see above. The open letter from WVU AD Oliver Luck to the Mountaineer faithful echoes the mass email sent this week to Maryland students by its AD.


Luck's concern is what the T-shirt says about WVU, and the state of West Virginia in general:

I would like to request that if you see someone wearing one of these t-shirts that you politely ask him or her to change or to cover it up. Even wearing it inside-out would be an improvement. As you know, we have a big home football game against LSU coming up next Saturday and we would like to present a more favorable image to the millions of football fans from around the country who will be watching the game. Be polite, be courteous, be friendly—but do speak up.


Luck's request comes on the heels of the city of Morgantown's decision to make WVU's time-honored tradition of couchburning a felony, which means the school's tolerance for mischief is at an all-time low. But Luck, who also describes himself as a lawyer in the letter, probably should have known better than to target the "West Fuckin Virginia" tees so narrowly. His missive says nothing of profane T-shirts in general. Which is pretty much a challenge to WVU students to simply come up with something different but equally offensive. So get to work, WVU students. This is about who you are, and what you fuckin stand for.

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