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West Virginia Mountaineers

1. They Have Horny Wives. Heather Pittsnogle, wife of handsome Kevin, has been spotted at games and on campus wearing a t-shirt that says, "I Got Pittsnogled" and features an arrow pointing downwards at her girl genitals. Beat that, Jackie Christie.

2. Joe Herber Is Too Smart To Play College Basketball. Herber, a German, is more knowledgeable about American politics than anyone else on the team. No one will sit next to him on the team bus, because he'll talk their ear off about politics. He learned to play four positions, speaks four languages, tutors other students in German and political science, is a two-time Academic All-American, and was named ESPN The Magazine Academic All-American of the Year. "No one wants to argue with him about that stuff," says teammate Patrick Beilein.

3. Dan Dakich Is A Moron. When Gale Catlett retired and left the program in absolute shambles in 2002, WVU hired Bowling Green head coach Dan Dakich. After about an hour on the job, Dakich quit and ran back to Bowling Green. The group of guys he could have coached at WVU made it to the Elite Eight last year and spent nearly all of this year in the Top 25. Bowling Green went 9-21. Good call, Coach Dakich. - The Mighty MJD

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