West Virginia Won't Let Its Mascot Kill Things With His School-Issued Musket Anymore

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WVU Mountaineer kills Bear with Musket

Yesterday we brought you West Virginia, in video form: the WVU mascot killing a black bear with his musket, while the fight song played and the hunters whooped and hollered.

Jon Kimble, the sport management major who's playing the Mountaineer this season, is an avid hunter who regularly makes jerky for the fans. There's nothing illegal, or even unethical here. Still, some people got upset: some hate hunting altogether, some didn't like that it was a juvenile bear, and some didn't appreciate how the combination of multiple West Virginia stereotypes reflected on the state and the school.

So while Kimble won't be reprimanded, this might be the last time the musket goes hunting. Kevin Collier at the Daily Dot managed to badger a statement out of the university:

"While Jonathan Kimble's actions broke no laws or regulations, the University has discussed this with him and he agrees that it would be appropriate to forego using the musket in this way in the future. There are some provisions regarding the gun, but none that prohibit its use outside of University-sponsored functions or for hunting purposes. It is also worth noting that powder is used when the musket is discharged at public functions."

The bear will be glad to hear it.

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