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Westboro Baptist Will Picket The Final Four

Westboro Baptist, that group of awful people with colorful signs who are really concerned about who you're having sex with, have announced on the "Picket Schedule" section of their website that they'll be heading to Atlanta for next weekend's Final Four.

We won't link to the church, which is led by Fred Phelps and a woman who's willingly had sex with Fred Phelps, so who's the abomination now? But let's examine why they chose the NCAA Tournament to make a statement.

America is mad upon her idols and her college sports are one of them.

OK, fair enough.

You care more about your brackets and who wins than you do about your souls.

Can't poke a hole in this argument yet.

The only thing you brutes - players, coaches, fans, and sports media alike - worship more than your nasty sex parts/lives is your sin-riddled over-hyped sports arenas and activities.


Guilty as charged!

Anyway, they're mad about gay marriage, or FGCU's swag, or something. I don't know. But there's only room for one insufferable, narcissistic moralist at the Final Four, and Jim Nantz's flight is already booked.


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